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Household Philosophy

At Tech-Link we strive to give the customer the best quality products possible at a reasonable price. This is made possible by our vertical integration from silicone material polymerization to parts production. Having our own material plant, we are able to tailor the material to meet customer's specific quality requirements at competitive costs.

In addition to this vertical integration of material to parts production, we also have our own in-house tooling facility, allowing us to offer quick prototype sampling, on-schedule manufacturing and on-time delivery.

We are quality certified in QS9000, ISO 9001, TS 16949 and UL Underwriters Laboratories.

Our manufacturing plants are capable of producing 4000 tons of silicone products per year, with a variety of manufacturing methods including compression moulding, extrusion, injection moulding and coating,  this rank us the top three silicone parts producer in China. Our liquid silicone rubber injection facility with 31 machines and 60 machines for the compression facility, is the largest in China.

We have a wide range of silicone products, such as Silicone bakeware, Microwave bakeware, and Cookware industries. We specialize in creative designs for different customers. Our products are in the USA, UK and German markets.

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